Monday, April 20, 2009

This is a little out of the box for me , but I would like to share my desire to help another blogger and her husband in a very desperate time. They have received news in the last few days that Ron has a tumor in his brain and has been given a very short time to live ,if he does not receive emergency surgery Now! Now is the time to keep JoAnnA and Ron in your prayers and thoughts. If it is at all possible there is a place to donate anything that you might afford to help them. He has recently been without work and JoAnna is doing the best she can to keep afloat. You may sign up for a class or more on her Moss Hill Studio on-line classes or If that is not for you ,the chip-in box is over on the right side of these posts. Please visit Moss Hill Blog @ you will be able to check in on JoAnna and Ron to see how they progress. If there is anyone out there in the land of blog, that does not know already, JoAnna is a wonderful artist and teacher and I hope this is an opportunity for you to be inspired by her work. Please click on Moss Hill Studio workshops and check out her classes.



Heather said...

My thoughts are with them!

Charmingdesigns said...

Yeaaaa I found you!! Ok, great blog!! I found some dolls that I had gotten for my daughter...she never liked playing with I checked out ebay, and they aren't worth that much, not being "mint" so I think I'm going to start using them! Thanks for the tip. Laurie

beth said...

Stephani, thanks for posting about Ron and Joanna. I've been praying too, and will contribute as well.
I know they have an appt. now for Ron.
Hope your little doggie is better soon.
I love your art, it's very cool.

Beth in paso robles

Riki Schumacher said...

Great to know about Stephanie, thanks for posting this. My heart goes out to them. The world needs angels like you! Riki


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