Monday, June 21, 2010

Idyllwild Arts Summer Program

Metals Week I am getting packed and marking things off my list :
  1. Tools
  2. make-up  or not ?
  3. pharmacy  (heartburn, sore tired feet ,etc.)
  4. good book
  5. Mom  (she should be # 1.)
  6. Cute outfits , what do you think?

Won't you  be surprised! LOL
or maybe this for lunch with  mom and the girls?
Did I mention I am bringing my Mom?
She will bring everything we need , including the kitchen sink!!!
This is gonna be fuuuun! :)
Oh please don't let there be any booger bears on campus!  She is a scardy cat!
METALS WEEK with Joanna Goldberg and I am feeling a little out of  my league!!!  0: YIKES!  What is the old saying?  "Fake it till you make it?"  Wish me luck that I don't sit there in a stupor or something.
Here is a picture of Joanna's book  I just purchased and have proceeded to misplace !  Can you believe it?  I am always putting something in a safe place! Hummmm.....have YOU seen it?
How clever of me to take a picture of it though, so I could remember what it looked like.:)
I posted pics of these projects I did a few weeks ago, being inspired by Joanna's projects in the "lost book". I was having fun using her techniques and incorporating some Faux Bone into my pieces.
I have another book of hers that  was just recently published and titled "  The Ultimate Jeweler's Guide".  Maybe she will sign it for me?    I can't wait to meet Joanna and some new friends in class and learn some wonderful new things.
 I am hoping my mom will enjoy herself as much as I know I will.  I will let you know how it all goes when I return.   
By the way , is there anyone out in blog land that I know that will also be attending ? If so , I hope you will let me know.
Here's a little show and tell:
This is the example for a class I am teaching at Naturally Jennifer's Beads in San Luis Obispo, California  July 17,2010 .  In this class we will be  making concrete hearts,  molds , painting papers with ICE RESIN just click in the upper right hand corner of her site were it says classes.  It is going to be messy and fun , hope to see you there! 
Also... here are a few of my recent projects.

My attempts at some bling.
More birdies...

and for the love of Starbucks!
  A skinny vanilla latte will keep the momma happy.:)

Just one more before I go...
look what's blooming outside my studio door.
 Have a wonderful day everybody. Hope to talk to you soon. 
Hugs, Stephani


Barbara Lewis said...

Wow! I am envious of the fun you're going to have and what a great time to be with mom! I have a couple of Joanna's books ... they are so great ... and her writing and explanations are so thorough. I think she's going to be a marvelous, patient teacher. Can't wait to hear when you get back.

Fred Zweig said...

Stephani, Be sure to introduce yourself when you get to Idyllwild. I will be teaching the workshop on forging neck collars and making slides for the collars. Idyllwild is great and you Joanna is wonderful.
See you there.
Fred Zweig

Diana said...

You are going to have such a blast, Steff and the red outfits are perfect!!! hee hee Can't wait for the show and tell when you return.
Have a great time.


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