Thursday, September 30, 2010

Painting Faces

Good morning,
  Just wanted to say "Hello" , I am still here....  I have been under the weather for awhile and just haven't felt like  myself.  I  had a  bout with  diverticulitis and a few other things.  Not fun, but I am feeling better and working on getting  back to myself .
The good news is while I have been recuperating I discovered Sharon Thomlinson  and her wonderful painting classes.    I needed a diversion  and for me this is perfect and I have been wanting to learn to paint faces for awhile.  Painting  is so relaxing and a Sharon is a wonderful teacher.  I can't wait to paint something today!:) Here are a few faces that I have painted in the last few days.  I am a total beginner and am loving what I have learned!:)

 The name of the class is "Faces in Technicolor" ( there is link to her site over on the right of my blog  called: "All Norah's Art") I am learning to see the values of light and dark!  So Fun!
Sharon said i did a good job on her nose!  Yeahhhh!
 I am not sure if this one is done  ,haven't
gotten  a final critique yet.  I thought I would share it anyway.

Oh... the two paintings above I used the same model.  Really????
The one below is a work in progress and a different model.  I am liking the eyes in this one better.
Well that's all for now...

Have a beautiful day.:)


Riki Schumacher said...

These are great Steph. What fun! Riki xox

Diana said...

Wow Steff I am so impressed.. I do hope you start feeling better soon. Miss you.

beth said...

What a wonderful way to relax and recoup. Hope you are back to your cheerfull self soon. The paintings are awesome. I will check out the class. Thanks Stephani. I'd like to see the old photos sometime.

warm hugs,

Diane Cook said...

Great job Stephani! Sharon is such a wonderful artist. I would love to take a class with her. She actually doesn't live that far away from me...maybe 100 miles. But that is a stone's throw in Texas~LOL!
Actually I got to meet her in a resin class that Deryn taught.....
I look forward to seeing more of what you do =)


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