Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sometimes it's Just a Color Story

Good evening , hope all is well  tonight.  I am watching the Giants vs. Rangers  game and yes I am a Giants Fan! 
  What are you doing?  Are you getting ready for all the little ghost and goblins ?  I thought I was ready but we have all been hitting the candy bowl pretty hard.  There is a possibility that we may have to turn the lights off and hide out.  :0  We have  a traditional Trick or Treat in the village I live in and all the shop owners close there stores for a few hours and host a trick or treat for the youngsters.  I was a one of those store owners for several years and it was  a treat to see all the Little's dressed up cute as bugs ears!This year my grandson will be among   the little ghosts and goblins. How Fun!
     If you have a chance to check out Ron's  in Grover Beach , Ca. you will find my work.  I would really like to show you some pictures of this awesome store in the near future for those of you that don't live in the area.  It is truly an inspiration and feast for the eyes. Thank you Ron for bringing me on board!
They are loving my jewelry &
table runners with wings...

birds of course!

Journals for a place to let your thoughts soar...

or just NEST.

Plaques for the wall !



Diana said...

Okay girlfriend now I know why I haven't heard from you in a have been one busy lady!!!! Oh my goodness...just LOVE all of the wonderful goodies you have been creating. The Frenchie touch is wonderful. I, for sure, have to check out Ron's new location. So happy you have found a place to sell your creations.

Jen Crossley said...

Love your new goodies love the french look so cool


The sum of happiness is made up of a thousand details. A little kindness done one less fortunate gives the heart a beat of pleasure that no millinery or laces or jewels can possibly inspire.
To overcome prejudice is more satisfying than a ten-course dinner.
To subdue a difficulty and smother a selfish disire is to become strong and splendid.
If life is worth living at all, it is worth living in a state of progress and improvement.
If we moan and groan, filling the air with dissatisfaction and gloom, we can scarcely hope to partake of much contentment.
All you need is a good thump on the back by some cheerful soul who has faith in you, and promise to yourself that you will face your work and your worries cheerfully,-(Selected)