Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thrift Store Find turned Studio Space

This year is starting out with a blast of color for me !  I found this wonderful free on-line class hosted by Strathmore. Traci Batista is teaching a class called Doodles Unleashed!   How fun!  I have wanted to take a class from her for several years now .  I don't know how I found this class , but I am so glad I did.

 The weather has been kinda chilly and I really haven't wanted to spend much time outside in my studio.  So I have moved most of my drawing, painting & collaging stash inside to my new mini studio.  I found this old sewing cabinet this summer at a thrift store for $26.00 . I  had visions of making it into a studio for a small space.  I just loved and can't part with it just yet.  Here is why....

Isn't it cute?  I painted , stenciled and glazed it inside and out.  I replaced the old hardware with old rusty doorknobs.  I collaged the inside of the doors with sheet music and hung a little piece of peg board in back for hanging stuff.  I also covered the peg board with some fun paper I've been saving for a few years!   On the inside I stuck a square tile of cork board that just barley fit. I have pretty much filled it to the max with all the stuff I can fit in there. It seems to change daily as I see what might work better than the previous day.  You know what I mean..., I 've added some some lighting since I took this picture.  I like to work pretty late sometimes and am always on the search for a good light source. I now have a clip on shop light and an ott-light.  Much better!!!
So here are a few pictures of what I've been working on since joining Traci's class. Giving my faces backgrounds in a wild and colorful way!

My Avatar Girl

 Thinking Valentine's... (Traci's style).
Well that's all folks!!!
Can you hear the" Looney Tunes" music in the background?  I can. ;}
Until next time,


Molly Alexander said...

I love your new mini studio, and your paintings are fabulous! :)

Anne said...

Hi Stephani! I received your ATCs in the mail today! THEY ARE AWESOME!!!! LOVE THEM!!! These are some of my favorites that have arrived so far!!!

I have added you to the blogs I follow on my brand new blog! :-)


Thanks for participating in the trade!! One more week before deadline...and then I will be sending some back to you! :-)

Anne in San Diego


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