Monday, February 6, 2012

New places to find me!

Hi Sweet friends!
   I have some pretty exciting news to share with you!  I have been working at getting a little retail space of my own started in Posies, my long time friends Laurie from "Posies" & Tammy of "Affairs of the Heart" have combined efforts . It has been since 2006 that I have had my own  retail shop. This will be quite different,not having to  being there on a daily bases, But much more suited for me in this time of my life.   I am now making most of my own merchandise and gathering vintage and unique finds to keep things fun  and  interesting all mixed  in with my art.   Here is a sneak peek of my little corner in Posies/Affairs of the Heart, 107 E. Branch St. , Arroyo Grande , Ca.  it will look totally different in a few days,  getting ready to change it up for spring. 
okay ....these were taken during the holidays , so it looks alot different already!
And located just across from me is Chrisy from Chrisy's Cottage, she and her husband are new to our area and loving it! Here is a little peek of in her space during the holidays they is much more to see.
Fun ehhhh?

Chrisy has a wonderful style. Sorry I didn't even get a picture of the fabulous clothes she carries!

Below are a few items of what Tammy carries.

This was during the Holidays too. Such cute stuff!

Tammy rocks a darling Baby section.

Last but not least Laurie ...

Did you know that upstairs you will find more teasures than you could imagine?
Laurie's is always  true to her beautiful Victorian style.
More good news !
Don't leave me yet!  For the past few years now, I have been visiting " Reminisce",1344 Pine ,  Paso Robles,Ca., wishing that I could be a part of a little village of shops under one roof.  I had been told by the owner that I should always check back at the beginning of the year because sometimes there will be movement in the shop. Because there is such a long waiting list , my hopes to get a spot seemed slim.  But....the other day , I made a call to check in with Jeannie and she said "You should come up and get the application filled out".  It just so happened when I  popped in there was a little  wall space  available, I was in the right place at the right time.  I was ready and here it is! 
I know , it's just a small space on the wall!  How am I going to fit much of anything there I am thinking, but I want to go for it!  I have been waiting sooo long.  It would be a foot in the door. Right?   :)
I went right home set up a display, measured it all out was back two days later to get it set up.  When I walked in the door I was greeted by Vicki who had given me the tour a few days earlier.  She said hold on for a few, because Jeannie wanted to talk to me about something.  I am thinking oh my goodness!   Wonder what ????  Well soon Vickie came back in and said Jeannie wanted to offer me a actual booth space. How cool!  I had to make a decision on the spot, because as I said earlier, I know there is a long waiting list. Well  you know I decided to go for it and it is perfect! I had no idea this would happen that day, so it was meant to be. Thank-you Lord!  
Off to the paint store to gather up a can of paint and some brushes. A few hours later it looked like this.  I was so excited I forgot to take a before picture.  I don't live real close so I didn't run home to get a thing. I had all this stuff in my car so I would have plenty to work with on the wall. ;)  Thank goodness I brought some extras.  
The awesome pink and brown dresser was left there for pick-up by customer by previous dealer April from" Revamped" is in the adjoining booth. From what I can see, April is a very talented young lady & has a great eye for color. She will keep me on my toes being her neighbor.
So here is my sunny new location in Reminisce & I can't wait to get back there and unload my car!  I have it all packed to the brim with more color and little treasures to fill in the blanks.  I have visions of  returning to my passion for the colors of the french countryside. I will keep you posted on the changes I will be making in both of my little niches. Hope you enjoyed getting a sneak peek at what I have been up to in my spare time! Come for a  visit  soon & who knows I may catch you there! ;0 

Pretty Fun!
So long for now...


Riki Schumacher said...

Oh wow Steff, you are the busy little bee! Congratulations on all the wonderful opportunities, I'm thrilled for you. Will have to cruise by all the locations and take in the eye candy! xoxo Riki

Susan said...

Wow, congratulations! Two new little shops...going to keep you busy, I bet! xo Susan

Chrisy's Cottage said...

Hello Sweet Steff, I was in Reminisce the other day and saw your new booth. So wonderful, I love the glass top table with the cute red checked chairs. And your lamp shades are always amazing. So happy for you . Hope to see you soon at Posies. Hugs chrisy

Diana said...

Okay now I see why I haven't heard from you lately! I am so jazzed for you....what fun places to showcase your creations. Hope it works well for you my friend!


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