Monday, March 1, 2010


  A little alien has landed on my workbench and has been bringing some much needed color!
 A few weeks ago I woke up to the usual smell of coffee brewing and my husband waiting with cup in hand, setting in front of the computer for our morning visit.  Before I had a chance to get settled in my chair and focused on the day ahead, he turns to me and says " hey do you want a kiln"?  Well... of course I am stunned and jumped right up to look over his shoulder to see what he is talking about.  Much to my surprise, I am trying to focus (without my glasses) on  a not so great picture of something that looks  like a little helmet or small space craft!   Hummm.... not at what I had been dreaming about.  Oh my, no time to think!  My husband began reading the details of this kiln to me,  it  was for enameling, it had been sitting on a shelf  since 1985, had only been used for about three months and was great condition!  There were 8 bids on this little puppy and I had FOUR minutes to make a decision!  Yes,  Four minutes to hope for the best!  I have to say if I sell what I have made with it so far,  it has more than paid for itself!

Yes it works! It works really well so far!  I don't want to brag because the next time I plug in that little vintage cord, it just may just decide to  blow a fuse or something! 
I still have my name on a wish list for the little blue happy box ( Paragon ?),  I am sure alot of you know what I am talking about. LOL  I can wait a little longer and  practice my knew skills with "Gort".

Last May I attended Art and Soul in Asilomar, Ca.  I took three classes of Richard Salley's, one of which, was "Torch Firing Enameling".  Really fun class , but the more I thought about using a big torch around the house the more nervous I was feeling about setting something on fire! I met a really great gal in class (Jean Van Brederode) and fell in love with the jewelry she was wearing.  She is one of those people that can make about 10 pieces to my one!  Just amazing! I was visiting Deryn Mentocks blog ( one day and there was a picture of Jean's work and a link to her Etsy shop(  I emailed her and asked her for help with what kind of kiln to shop for when using enamel.  I ended up calling her and had a information packed conversation with her. Thank-you  Jean!
Well,  just a few days ago I am checking out my blog reading list and there on Barbara Lewis blog ( is torch firing enamel beads!  I love that she has inspired me to give it a try!  The torch she uses dose not look scary and I almost have every thing I need to get started on some awesome beads!  For inspiration and  support you must check this out!
So for now I am unable to upload any pics to show you. Something to do with blogger I think? You can go to my flickr Jewelry and see some of the enamel pieces I have been working on. I will get some pictures posted as soon as it is possible. Anyone else having issues with posting? Just wondering if I am just not seeing the answer to this problem.
Have a great day!

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Creepy Margaret said...

Hi -- We met at University Art in Sacramento last week. I looked at your work in ADQ. Very nice. I'll check back again on the blog soon. Good luck -- Margaret Sarantis


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