Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Alameda Point Antique & Collectibles Faire

This past weekend I was one of many thousands of attendees of the Alameda Point Antique & Collectibles Faire in Alameda, California. This is huge! We arrived shortly after 6:00 a.m. , got a great parking place near the front gate, and had no problem meeting up with our friends. I was so excited to see them, that I had a hard time focusing on all the treasures ahead of us!  It didn't take long to get our hugs in and exchange our excitement about seeing each other that we all dug our heels into the pavement and started the hunt!  Up and Down isles and isles of everything you could possibly think you might NEED to have!!! Sorry I didn't take my camera , just one less thing to keep track of, if you know what I mean. By the way! Age has seemed to catch up with me (imagine that)! I thought I would be able to see every booth there! No... no way! LOL! Not a big deal though,there were plenty of people to make it to the finish line. When you run out of time & money, you just can't buy one more thing ! I set a limit for myself and stuck to it! Patting myself on the back about now. :)
Here's a few tips that I want to share just in case you  need them someday:
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • sunglasses / hat
  • water
  • energy snacks
  • dress in layers
  • Make a note of where you parked your car.
  • Rolling Cart for all the small treasures
  • bungie cords
  • If keeping track , take notes of purchases.
  • Know where Portable Potties are located!
  • Note where you paid for large items to pick up later.
  • Get your hand stamped for re-entry, if you make a trip back to the car!
Thank-you to my friends for sharing these tips with me.:)
Found this for your viewing pleasure! :)

This is what I came home with:
One red screen,

Two red metal folding chairs,

One red bird cage and stand,

Red was the theme for awhile.
A doll with a pretty face,
One rolling glass cart,
Two cool  water bottles,
cute pink plastic jewelry box
 and miscellaneous parts for jewelry making!
I did have a great time and my husband did too!:)
He came home with fishing poles, lures and reels!
So as you can see I probably will visit this place again soon.
I am going to be opening a little booth space in our little Village of Arroyo Grande, Ca.. I will let you know all the details as time gets closer.  Come back and check-in when you get a chance.


Diana said...

Wow you found some great RED treasures. Love the screen and chairs....and the birdcage is "Tweet". Look forward to learning more about your new booth in A.G.

jeanne said...

nice haul...i would like the chairs and the birdcage please....

robin dudley-howes said...

Oh my gosh how fun! I here about the Alameda fair so much I want to go! Love the watch parts. Off to see the rest of your blog. I love your header!

Anonymous said...

I went to the same flea market last month. It was nice and over cast with LOTS to see and a few things to buy!!!

Riki Schumacher said...

You did good Steph! Love all the goodies. See you soon, Riki


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