Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Willowing and Friends

Hi Everyone! 
Just wanted to share my latest faces with you!  I have not been in the mood to make  much jewelry lately, but I am finding myself wanting to practice painting more and more!  I am learning new techniques over at Willowing and Friends .  I am taking a class called" Mythical Magical Makings" , I am sorry I can't get the link to work  on my blog , but I will keep trying.  You will have to Google it or something and find it on your own. Sorry...  It is a wonderful class FULL  of talented people!!!  Last week (week one)  the lesson was painting a goddess using techniques used in Klimt paintings.   This is my "Goddess of Patience".
 I know...Really long hair!!!  I learned alot about backgrounds on this and it is my first attempt  at hands. Hard!  She is on a 16 x 20 canvas.  Don't have a clue on what to do with her!
This week is lesson is about angels and the inspiration is Alphonse Mucha.  I have started a few journal pages that look like this.  Trying to get the wings and flowers in the the hair going on.

This I used a little photoshop on the background.  I Should have left it alone. Oh well, you get the idea ?

I tried another hand. Give me a hand! LOL
Both of these journal pages are on children's board books .
Last but not least just a practice piece with no lesson involved.  Just for fun and I am really pleased with her coloring!
I like this one the best so far!  She is on watercolor paper and I think that made a big difference for me. I am sooo influenced by Sharon Thomlinson's paintings, I think it takes awhile to develop your own style. I will continue to work on it. :)
Well you are all up to date on my artwork now and I hope you are having a wonderful day!  Hope to be back soon with some new stuff to show and tell.  Hugs.... 


Diana said...

Steff....Your portraits are really coming along. I really like your last one a lot. I can really see a lot of emotion in her face. very, very good work. Continue playing with paint...it likes you.

sarah-anne said...

I love the background on the first drawing. It's such a uniqe pattern. And the last one done on watercolor is just beautiful!And I am also just going to be starting to play with paint as well as starting art journaling for the first time.


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