Tuesday, April 12, 2011

101 Post Give Away!

So much to talk about I just don't know where to begin! My studio has been moved from the garage that I occupied for 20 something years to the backyard where my husband had his office .   I don't know how he had all his tools, fishing poles,office and other misc. stuff packed in this little 10'x 14'  space.  I still have one surfboard hanging overhead , but I kinda like it there.:)

  My Stephani's sign has been taking up storage space for about six years now!  I was almost ready to part with  it,  I left the house for a few hours to run some errands and when I cam home John had it hanging over my door!  How fun is that?  There is no mistaking who's place this is now, right??? Of course that lead  me to painting the door in a little French color scheme!
Painting the inside of the door was also a necessity to me.   I had won these curtains on E Bay a few months ago.  Don't know why I bid on them other than when something is just meant to be, I guess you've gotta go with it.  I was just getting ready to take them to Good Will or a thrift store before I discovered they were a perfect fit for this door, after washing and airing out the musty old smell, they are just dandy  and really block out the afternoon sun. Oh so French too!
Can you hear Edith Piaffe singing in the background? I do.
  Bonjour Come on in for a tour  of my Le Petit Chateau! I think it is looking pretty cute!  I am going to get a bicycle basket to hang on the door counter space is at a premium !  I saw some really cute  old fashioned baskets a K Mart the other day.  I need a place to put outgoing items.   I think that will be perfect.
  A few weeks ago my mother and. I had the pleasure of visiting with some dear friends we haven't seen for a very long time.  They both had the sweetest little backyard studios, I just couldn't wait to get home and propose the idea of trading spaces with my John.  I was shocked when he agreed, the next day we hit it like a couple of tornado's and started the move!   Okay... who goes first and where do we put all our stuff while the other guy gets out of the way!? We had no boxes!  Oh well ...and did I mention we are in the middle of a huge California rain storm?  One more little detail,  we are having a birthday party the following weekend,with guests! We cut out some major work for ourselves. 

This is a picture I painted of Mom on her actual birthday!  I am happy with the way it turned out. She's not too sure about it! LOL

This is mom at the party. 
   I can't believe we pulled it all together,  but both of us  were exhausted!  We had a discussion that if we ever REALLY moved, we would hire it done. Ha! :)
   I love the way my new LITTLE studio  is feeling so far,  I don't have it totally fine tuned, but I am getting very close!  It's all that I thought it would be and more.  The birds are singing, the dogs are barking and I am making art!  John has made his new man space look awesome and I know he is having as much fun as I am putting his own special touches into his new space.  I have had to do some major downsizing and I am happy about that.  Everything has to have a place and if it doesn't fit it will not make the cut.  This is serious!!!  If I bring something new in, then something must go out and find a new home.

So far this is the drawing, painting and computer area.  That little typewriter table in the background is a key component.  It is very versatile.  I am looking for another one if you happen to find one anywhere let me know. :)

Oh I got the little tutu for new grand baby for  dress up or just a lamp shade!  I always wanted one when I was little.

This area is going to be jewelry making station.  I have a table that is under the curtains I can also use.

Finally a place for sewing machine,stamping or just anything I want to do here at a  little four foot table.  It fits perfect for a guest artist  or two. Hint ,Hint....

Bonnie is wondering if the tutu is for her.  I am sorry to tell her she will no longer be the only princess around! 

The ceiling is quite high and John had some nice fishing poles racks that now have lampshades birdcage and chairs hanging from.
That brings me to  another purpose of this post,  if you have hung in there with my rambling thus far ,  I have reached my 101 post and it is time for a give away!!!  Yes , you must leave a comment to be in the give away drawing.  TWO weeks from today (April 26 Th) I will put all your lovely names in a bowl, jar or something and  I  will pick a random name.  You will need to check back with me, on this blog, to see if I picked YOUR name and if I do, you will need to give me your email address so that we will figure out a way for me  to mail you your package!  Because I am not  exactly sure what the giveaway will be I promise it will be something you can use to make art with!  So , there you go ...be sure and leave me a comment on this post and YOU will be in the running, you will be surprised . I have alot of treasures to part with.  Friends and family are also eligible to enter.  So please, please don't be shy, okay?   I know you are curious. 

I recently took an on-line class from Susan Tuttle called "Visual Poetry"  I love this old truck I took this picture at The Dana Powers House in Nipomo.
Below I learned how to add the sepia tone and add color back into the photo  .
I really leaned alot of cool techniques in this class.

Below I learned how to draw fairies and unicorns in Tam's Class called "Mystical, Magical Makings.  Tam's sight is called Willowing and Friends.

I have a few more that I am currently working on and really excited about.  I have been taking Sharon Thomlinson's "Tree Castle Apron Class " which is an on going class and you should really check it out!  It is alot more about painting faces on fabric and then applying them to a really cute art apron!  I have to tell you guys that Sharon showcased a painted face of mine on her blog the other day!  Thank-you Sharon you are a huge inspiration for me.:) You can go check it out here and find  out more about her classes  allnorahsart.blogspot.com.
Here is the face and  apron that  is still a work in progress!  Soooo much fun! I will show you again when it is all complete.

This one is also painted on muslin and I named her "Elizabeth" I was trying to incorporate Elizabeth Taylor's great eyebrows and eyes .
I call this one "Shy" and she will probably get a hat or crown of some kind.
Well that will be all for now, I would love for you to participate in my give away and please help me spread the word. There is a giveaway announcement over on my side bar that you are welcome to take and display on you blog , please link it back to me.  Thanks... I would appreciate your help in getting the word out.  Thanks for coming by and come back real soon!
So sorry if this post is a little jumbled mess!  I am a little tired from everything that's been going on around here.  Hope to hear from you soon . 


sarah-anne said...

Your studio is sooo cute! I so miss my the bedroom in my old place that I turned into a studio. Now I'm in a studio apartment trying to figure how to fit in my current art stuff, and now upcoming art school stuff*L* I would absolutly adore a seperate studio like yours!

Gretz said...

I love your studio!, I too wish I had a separate studio rather than the spare room (then I would have a spare room back for friends to stay in!)

Jen Crossley said...

Your studio is out of this world too cute for words.I love that you have a spot for your dog.Happy 101 post.Thanks for sharing your studio.

lola said...

NEW Studio Space! How fantastic is that. Love the French door and your Stephani sign. Great hubby that wanted to change spaces with you. Very talented, versatile lady. Lola

Mari said...

It was soooo nice to run into you the other day, Stephani. LOVE your cute new studio--you've done such a great job with it! So nice of your husband to trade spaces with you. I too love that you made a special place for your little studio mascot. :) hugs---Mari

Ashlee Art kid said...

what a lovely studio!!! <3 it's a magical little studio full of dreams and creativity! i love it! conrats on your 101 post! i just started blogging not to long ago. haha :]one day i would love to have a little art studio of my own. thank you for sharing stephani :]

Riki Schumacher said...

WOW! Steff, where do I start! I love your new wonderful artist studio. It is tooooo darn cute for words, and how inspirational for you. I didn't know you were doing that, and now I must come see it, and be a "guest" artist for the day! I'm so glad Bonnie has a thrown in the French Quarter "Stephanie". I love your paintings Steff, you talented thing you. This is really working for you. Congrats on your studio, and great job to John! Hugs, Riki

Diana said...

That is just the most charming studio, Steff. Now I can see why you were so excited. Can't wait to experience "Stephanie's" in person.And oh my how I am impressed with your paintings...bravo. Your apron is simply fabulous. I can see why Sharon featured it on her site. Keep playing my friend!

Laura Tompkins said...

Stephani: I love your studio. I also love your infectious enthusiasm. It is inspiring!
The sign over the door of your studio is very cool, too.

savyjade said...

I absolutely love your studio! Congrats on your posts. I am so happy to have found your blog. It is so filled with wonderful creativity. Thank you for the chance to win.

Kathy said...

How did you get yourself to "filter" what went into the space?
By the way - LOVE THE SPACE!!!!

Lucid Moon Studio said...

I'm a little late to the party, but enjoyed your studio space very much! I would love to have a separate studio like that to escape to! Thanks for sharing :)


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