Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ring Around the Rosies

If my memories are correct,  the nursery rhyme goes something like this & I am referring to happy children singing and dancing around a tree (not the plague);
Ring around the Rosie's,
 a pocket full of posies,
 ashes...ashes, we all fall down. 
I am going to change the lyrics a bit and sing it this way:

Ring around the Lemon Tree,
a pocket full of lemons,
Stephani fell down!
Yesterday... while tending to a little studio clean-up , enjoying a beautiful summer day & after participating in a my first "Art in the Park" show this past Sunday.    I tripped on a folding  chair leg  and fell face first onto a scalloped brick ring around the base of  my little lemon tree.  Yes, when I thought everything was going just  Rosie, I went down. Kaboom!!!
With a trip to the ER and five stitches later , I am  just thinking the Ring around the Lemon Tree has gotta go.:)
 I am so thankful I missed my eye.
Just wanted to share  the lesson that I learned. It is a  fact, that we should all pay attention to what is in our pathways and take the time to keep them clear from possible little mishaps.
I will be paying more attention in the future!
On to fun stuff! The three wall ART Dolls below are a result of participating in Stephanie Lee & Judy Wise'  (Plastered Studio) class!  So much fun!!!

I don't have pictures of my booth  at my fingertips to  share with you now, but  my friend Valerie ( a wonderful photographer) who took the pictures of our booth & who I shared a booth with will get some copies to me soon. I would love to show you her beautiful photos as well.
  I  have a few before show shots that I can show  now I think in the future I am going to be using a tripod to take pictures of my art & a new pair of glasses! Especially now since mine have a major tweak and scratches from the brick!  A positive outcome of my fall. New glasses?  I didn't like this pair anyway. 
I  sold my first painting!  Here she is!
 This next  girl is also painted and carved on plaster,  I  love  the way she sparkles!  I am going to enjoy her hanging in my studio for awhile.

Happy and safe trails,

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Riki Schumacher said...

Oh Steff, I am soooo sorry. Glad it wasn't more serious, we're too old to be doing that. It is definitely something I would do. Heal well. Love your projects, so much fun. Looks like the class was a blast. Hugs, Riki


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