Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

It's been a busy day here at my house.  I had the pleasure of having my sweet little grand kids for the day.  We had fun carving pumpkins , mixing bottles & keeping the dogs from eating play dough. ;)  It's been quite awhile since we have had a little one excited about carving a pumpkin.  What sweet memories we made today.  Halloween has always been one of my most favorite times of the year. We managed to have the kids fed, dressed & all accessories packed up  just in time for mommy & daddy to come swoop them up and head out to experience their very first trick or treating.

How Cute! Busy scrapping out bird seeds?  He wanted to wear an apron like Grandma!

Sweet Little Lady Bug & big Uncle 
Buzz Light year( Firefighter) & proud Grandpa in the background.
Really cute when he had on his safety goggles , gloves and helmet!
Now it is full speed ahead with Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner!

I have a few art projects to show you. I have been taking a new on-line class with Judy Wise  Encaustic painting with Hot Wax.  This is something I have wanted to try for some time.  I bought a book a few years ago called "Painting with Encaustics"  there is some of Judy's work in there and many other artist.  I also recently took a Plaster workshop from Judy and Stephanie Lee.  Let me just say if you have never taken a class on-line before, don't be afraid.  My head is spinning with so much information right now.  I won't even begin to explain or try to tell you all the new lingo I have learned. I don't want to embarrass myself  and make  a blunder of some kind.")

Wax work station as per Judy's instructions.   This  fan set up is also working nicely with other torching projects.

This is a combination of several of the wax lessons I have learned.
This is a picture that I did using left over wax scrappings and a necklace I made last year in a class with Mary Hettsmenperger.
In my own little world. .

This is a book cover that I made in Stephani Lee's class .  I hope to post another picture of it when it is complete.

Have a good week,


Jen Crossley said...

Happy Halloween girl.You have been a busy bee.

Diana said...

hey...can't believe how big the grand babies are getting..such cuties!!! You continue to amaze always, you catch on so fast and do such a fantastic job.


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