Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"Queen Bee" that would be me!

Greetings everyone!!!
In my previous post I told you all I would be sharing a booth with a friend , much to my surprise I acquired my own space!  What a wonderful blessing! Wow! 
Today is a much deserved day of sitting in a comfy chair and giving a tired body a little time out so here I am catching up in blog land.  I survived two wonderful shows Three Speckled Hens  and  Remnants of the Past.  I had a great time being a part of them both.  It was great fun meeting new friends and seeing many old friends.
  I wish I had more time to take pictures of all the wonderful booths and displays while I was there they were outstanding!  I  was kept busy tending to my own spaces. I did manage to get a few photos of my own space to share , hope you enjoy.
Below are a few before show pictures of my art bottles.  They were so fun to work on I really enjoyed putting them together. I think they were a hit.:)

Next I would love to share a picture I am particularly proud to show off!  I was honored to be past on the privilege of the designing of the "Crown" for Judy's Remnants of the Past". It was a pleasure to see Judy's face as she handed each little treasure that she handed me to adorn the crown.  It was apparent that each item held a special memory for her as several of the pieces were her mother's.    The crown was to be worn by the last person in line who entered the show, so you would see where the end of the line was.  I wish I could have been near the line to see it moving its way around all the attendees heads.  What a great idea Judy!   I suppose there were alot of photos taken with the crown.  How Fun!!! Let me know if you were there!

Three Speckled Hen's Show & Remnants of the Past !!!  I can't begin to tell you what a wonderful experience it was to be a part of both of these amazing events!  I had sooo... much fun, met wonderful new friends & made memories I will never forget!
Below was my space at ROTP  it was day two so my display had some changes made, sorry I didn't get day one shot.

Remember the wedding dress I showed you a few posts ago? Well here it is now!  I had a friend stop by one day and said go for it , so I did. :)  The bodice was a little small for my mannequin she was a tiny girl!
  I made these fairies after taking Christy's class & here they are. 
Whoops!  Should have done a little more cropping on this photo, that's not my toe!

Still thinking up new ideas!  Be back soon!
I want to thank my dear friend Riki  who volunteered  to help me work my booth, my sweet momma who was there for me both shows & last but not least my hubby who is my right arm!  What would I do without you!!!

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